601 Artbook Project 2008


601 Artbook Project 2008


red dot: best of the best
red dot award: communication design 2009
The novel “Tristram Shandy”, published by English writer Laurence Sterne in nine volumes between 1759 and 1767,

is considered an exceptional piece of writing – a forerunner of so-called experimental literature.

The novel dispenses with the chronological order of its scenes as well as a consistently told storyline.

Instead it presents itself as a rambling association of ideas and works with the interweaving of different time levels,

thus reflecting not only on the effect this has on the reader, but also the situation of the writer himself.

Reading this novel thus equals an act of discovery and unravelling.

The catalogue “601 Artbook Project 2008” introduces the winners of the yearly Artbook competition with the theme of

“Artbook is Conversation”. Instead of following a conventional presentation style, the first 60 pages show silhouettes

of trees and are marked with the letters “a” or “b” for “art” and “book”. The award-winning works are then presented

at the centre of individual pages alongside illustrations and a picture that shows the art work standing in the woods or on a side walk.

The illustrations aim to convey the diversity of the artistic works, as well as a sense of childlike innocence and harmony within the book.

Featuring a unique design and an exposed spine, the book thus develops a special kind of visual storytelling that comes alive in the reading experience.



601bisang, Seoul

601bisang, Seoul
creative direction/art direction

Park Kum-jun
graphic design

Park Kum-jun, You Na-won

Cho Ok-hee

Lee Hyun-tae