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Paris Exhibit Praises the World of Book Covers

[Publishing Perspectives] 2015, 03



Several of the titles featured in the exhibit: We Love Books! A World Tour in Paris


We Love Books! is an exhibit within the second edition of the 

inspiring Graphic Arts Festival  taking place in Paris until March 4.



By Olivia Snaije


Curated by book designer and graphic artist Michel Bouvet, We Love Books! 

presents more than 400 books from all corners of the globe, whether paperbacks

or art books. Besides the instantly recognizable books covers, such as Chip Kidd

cover for Murakamis 1Q84, or Henning Wagenbreths designs for author Edgar 

Hilsenraths books, the exhibit allows the visitor to marvel at designs by South 

Americans, Koreans, Iranians or Portuguese, among others.


There are Brazilians such as Ruth Klotzel with a dreamy book cover of Maureen 

Bisilliats photographs or Gustavo Piquieras strong typography with vintage 

photographs as a background.


Imagen HB, Hernán Berdichevsky and Gustavo Stechers Buenos Aires-based 

branding and design studio produces crisp, lively book designs, while Peruvian 

Sandro Venturo Shultzs style is decidedly retro-sixties. Kum-Jun Park, at the 

vanguard of recent Korean design, has several gorgeous art books on display 

combining graphics with lyricism.


Contemporary Iranian graphic design has been going strong for a while now, its art 

directors often innovating the typography of Arabic letters. Majid Abbasi and Saed 

Meshkis book covers are bold, combining illustration, photography, and always, 

innovative typography.


With a long culture of book cover design, Portuguese designers João Bicker, Pedro 

Falcão, British-born Andrew Howard who is based in Porto, and Lizá Defossez 

Ramalho and Artur Rebelo of R2 Design studio are proof that making books look 

beautiful is an ongoing tradition.


Being able to travel the world of international book cover designers is a real treat. 

The only downside to the exhibit is that the visitor cannot actually touch the 

booksand that the show ends on February 8th. So if youre in Paris, hurry up!


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